Why not add a little extra to your party.

 Sit astride didicar with both feet placed on the footrests and both hands on the steering wheel. Turn the wheel from left to right and didi will move forwards on it's own. To move faster lean slightly forward over the steering wheel and use you whole upper body when you turn the steering wheel and not just your arms. 

Didicar works best when used on hard, smooth, flat surfaces indoors or outside including concrete, tarmac or paved paths and other open areas. 

5 Didicar's ~ £40


5 Didicar's when you also hire an inflatable ~ £30

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Why not add a little extra to your party with Balloons, Hopperz, Party wear, party bags and much more.....
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All sizes on this website are the size of the equipment. When measuring your garden please allow an extra 
1 meters on each side and the back and 2 meters at the front, 
this will give us room to stake the equipment down and give you save space for the equipment.
Equipment if outdoors must be on grass.
If when we turn up with the equipment and it will not fit, you will be charged a fee.

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