How and when do I pay for the hire?2020-02-28T13:57:07+00:00

Payment made in cash on the day, we accept payments by cheque but 7 days prior to hiring to allow time to clear.(Please contact us about cheque payment)

How much will it cost to run?2020-02-28T13:57:47+00:00

The Blower is very cheap to run usually around 12-15p of electric per hour

What will I need to do on the day of the hire?2020-02-28T13:58:10+00:00

Ensure that the access is clear and the site is free from any sharp objects or dog mess etc.

How long will it take to set up the castle?2020-02-28T13:58:34+00:00

It will take about 15 minutes to set up. Larger inflatables may take a little longer.

What happens if the equipment cant fit in my garden when you turn up?2020-02-28T13:58:57+00:00

You will charged a travel free if it does not fit in the garden when we turn up.

What happens in bad weather situations?2020-02-28T13:59:58+00:00

We feel it’s not safe to use inflatables in heavy rain, snow or strong winds as they can become slippery. The electric blower and plug are covered by a protective canopy and staked to the ground, this to stop them getting wet and to stop people unplugging the unit whilst it is in use. If the wind blows strong for your safety we require the unit to be switched off.
If there are high winds or rain on the day of booking for the safety of people using and to prevent damage to the inflatable, we will not deliver the Inflatable.

To enable us to hold a castle on the hard standing ground we would have to place 165 kg on each tie-down point, must castles have a min of 6 tie downs so…
165 kg x 6 = 990 kg which we are unable to transport.
You may find someone who will do hard standing but unless they put
165 kg on each point they are not insured. and will be breaking the health and safety at work act.
What happens if there is a fault with the castle after we have left?2020-02-28T14:00:55+00:00

Remove people from the Castle immediately and telephone us and we will give you advice on what the problem could be, often this is because the supervisor has allowed too many people on or incorrect size users and the blower pipe has come off. Faults with the units themselves are highly unlikely as we only supply top quality inflatables.

What happens if it rains during the use of the inflatable?2020-02-28T14:01:18+00:00

Firstly remove people from the castle until rain ceases, once stopped the unit can be dried with a towel and play may commence. Bubbling will occur at the seams this is normal and nothing to worry about, it just needs to be wiped with the towel.

What will happen if the inflatable becomes damaged/stolen whilst in possession?2020-02-28T14:01:45+00:00

Equipment must be inspected before we leave and any damage noted. If damage occurs equipment must be switched off and the hirer will be liable for any repair costs. The repairs must be done professionally to keep are Safety Certificates in order. Hirer will also be liable for any theft and required to reimburse the value thereof.
If the equipment is returned in an unacceptable condition, ie if it is in a dirty or muddy condition you will have to pay an additional cleanings charge.

What does your Public Liability Insurance cover?2020-02-28T14:02:09+00:00

This covers injuries caused by malfunction of equipment or improper installation. It does not cover you for improper use or boisterous behaviour. Adult supervision is required at all times. We will not be held personally responsible for any injuries. A Correct Use of Equipment Form must be signed and returned prior to hire. Additional personal liability cover can be arranged through your home insurance.

What days will you hire out equipment?2020-02-28T14:02:25+00:00

We will hire out 7 days a week.